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About AlpaQori

We have something special for you. We believe that you deserve the best and we want to make sure that our products meet your expectations.

We are AlpaQori and, just like you, we love beautiful, sophisticated and practical items. Our name reflects our mission. AlpaQori is a combination of the Spanish word “alpaca” and the word “Qori”, which means “gold” in Quechua – one of the first and the official languages of Peru. We want to give you something in a golden platter: perfectly made products from baby alpaca wool.

We offer you the highest quality and anti-allergic products from baby alpaca wool. Why alpaca? Because we want to give you the best; we believe in quality. We know that products from baby alpaca wool meet all this.

Our products hold the Alpaca Trademark certification awarded to us by the International Alpaca Association. It is not only our pride, but also a commitment to maintain the highest quality of our products.

When choosing products from baby alpaca wool, choose AlpaQori. Treat yourself to the best.

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