Awaska Gradient Diamonds in Grey – cream

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Made with 100% pure baby alpaca wool, no chemical dyes added. Alpaca fiber comes in 22 natural colours. Perfect for colder days.

Colour: Cream

Shipping in Europe and the UK

Awaska Gradient Diamonds in Grey – cream

The ultimate cold-weather accessory. Wrap your neck with cozy warmth and classic appeal. Made from soft, warm baby alpaca wool and sure to be an instant favorite for cold days.

  • alpaca is 6 times warmer than wool
  • protects against cold and wind
  • hypoallergenic – does not irritate the skin and does not cause allergies
  • wicks away body moisture
  • breathable, does not overheat
  • lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • an elegant addition to any outfit
  • holds the Alpaca Trademark certification, awarded by the International Alpaca Association, which ensures a high quality product

150 g


30 x 180 cm


100% Baby Alpaca

Additional information

Hypoallergenic, baby alpaca wool has no lanolin. Color may vary depending upon monitor

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